Outstanding Photography Judges:
Rose Photography in the Pacific Southwest District

Photography in the Pacific Southwest District of the ARS has come a long way in being an integral part of most rose shows.  There are beautiful photographic displays of roses at almost every show, and these rose photos are judged for excellence and composition  - the same thing we see for Rose Horticulture and Rose Arrangements at each rose show.

 I put together an informational and hopefully educational document to help our local 

members with their rose photography so they can enter their photos in upcoming rose 

shows and for their personal photography experience.  These are just basic helpful hints 

rose photographers can use right away to improve the quality of the photos and rose 

show presentations.  

For 14 great tips for better rose photography


District Chair of
Rose Photography

If you have any concerns about some of the changes, please let this committee know, and we will pass along the 
information to the National Chair of Photography, Curtis Aumiller.

Along with reviewing and discussing changes in photography rules and classes, we will be looking at what you can l do to improve your rose photography.  In addition, I would love to showcase some of the photos that people in our 
district are taking. 

Please send some of your beautiful rose photos to me at and include a little information about

the photos including the name of the rose, type of camera, and any special photo editing techniques you used. There

are so many ways you can be creative with a camera - especially with beautiful roses.   We hope to see you at the next rose show.  If you have questions about rose photography, call me at  505-988-4614