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Rose Photography in the Pacific Southwest District
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District Photography Chair
Phone: 602-570-9105
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We have a new National Photography Chair, Pamela Powers. Pam and I want to improve Photography for the Pacific Southwest District. As photography chair, my goals include:
  1. Training Judges for Photography Judging,

  2. Providing a list of judges who desire to judge photography, and

  3. Assist local societies in having a fantastic photography display as part of their rose



Soon we will begin training some judges to be more consistent with judging and make 

it easier to determine why you received your ribbon.

Please send me your photography schedule before printing your rose show schedule. Then, I may assist you in providing your competitors with a good schedule when writing your show schedules.

We need to track photo winners in our district. Would you please send me copies of the three best photos of your show along with names and emails of those who won?

Juanita Ortega provided some useful tips outline for rose photography, and I hope you will use it.

For 14 helpful tips for better rose photography, CLICK HERE

List of Recent Outstanding Photography Judges:  CLICK HERE

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