The chapters and affiliates of the American Rose Society stand ready to help you with your questions about growing roses throughout

the district.  Information on the local rose society nearest you can be found on the Local Societies page on this website.


We are dedicated to help you grow beautiful roses.  Attend a rose society meeting soon and learn more about the joy of growing roses and the camaraderie it brings into your life.

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(Almost) Everything you need to know about Consulting Rosarians

I would like to thank Dave and Gerry Mahoney for the great job they did as district co- chairs the past six

years.  I also want to thank them for their patience answering my silly questions as I transition into this job.


As we start the New Year, I'd like to remind those CR's that will need an update in 2019 of the CR update

tracking policy. If your last update was in 2015, then you are due again in 2019. If your last update was in

2014, you were due to update in 2018. If you think you may have missed your update and are not sure of

your last date, contact me.


For those of you who need an update in 2019, or know someone who wants to become a consulting rosarian, we are currently in planning for a school/update scheduled for March 31, 2019 in San Diego. The San Diego

Rose Society is sponsoring this event; click HERE for details.  If there are circumstances that  prevent you from attending this update, check the ARS website to see if there is an update being held in another district.  It's OK to go to another district for an update, but documentation will need to be sent to me from  the chair of that district.  If your rose society wants to schedule and update in your area, you will need  to contact me to check on available dates.


We are working on a way to allow CR's to obtain 1 credit hour towards their required 4 hours by writing an 
article and having it published in multiple rose society newsletters. The details are being worked on now and 
are scheduled to be published by March 31, 2019. Look for the announcement around April 1.


The final Roses In Review numbers are starting to come in and I'll have a report on these in the next edition 
of the district newsletter and on this website.


I'm also working on changes to the CR Annual Report. More on this to come in the near future.


For help or questions, contact us:


Tom Cooney 949-362-2710   E-mail:

Tom Cooney
District Chairman of


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