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Kathleen Monge
District Chair
Roses In Review

It is that time of year again - that time is the Annual Roses In Review (RIR).  This is a great
opportunity to rate the roses that appear on this year's Cultivar List.  You don't even need to be a
member of the ARS to do it.  The Pacific Southwest District of the American Rose Society is the
largest district, yet we don't have the largest response to the Annual RIR.  Let's work on it this
year, and get everyone who grows roses to respond in our district.

To get started, read my instruction letter:  CLICK HERE

After you have read the instruction letter, look at the Cultivar List  CLICK HERE

Following is a link to complete instructions on how to file your evaluation via the ARS website, and how to send a paper evaluation form to Kathy Monge    CLICK HERE