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Elections for ARS Pacific Southwest District Director

We anticipate that voting for electing the District Director for the Pacific Southwest District will occur in June, 2024. We express our sincere appreciation to Linda Clark, who served in this position for the previous term. The candidates for this upcoming election are David Bassani and Ruth Tiffany. Here is information about both of them.



David Bassani

President of Beverly Hills Rose Society

Licensed Landscape Contractor with 30+ years experience in Rose Horticulture Email:

  • ARS Member since 1980

  • ARS Master Consulting Rosarian & Accredited Horticultural Judge

  • ARS Bronze Medals - San Fernando RS and Beverly Hills RS

  • Service in offices for both San Fernando Valley RS and Beverly Hills RS

Major Volunteer Achievements for American Rose Society

Involved annually in outreach Volunteer Services on behalf of ARS- Sepulveda Garden Center, Chatsworth Historical Garden,

Descanso Gardens,Beverly Hills Community Park, Virginia Robinson Garden, and Malibu Garden Club.

  • Academic Involvement.

    • Appointed Horticultural Instructor at West Valley Occupational Center, Division of Adult and Career Education, Los Angeles Unified School District.

Future Contributions to ARS

Each incoming PSWD Director brings with them a vision on providing improvements. Top of the list is frequent updates and communications to members via both the District Website and the District Bulle- tin. Members have experienced societal changes brought about by recent technologies and so electronic con- tact for improved rose education will play a much increased role in our hobby.

Landscape varieties have resulted in consumer choices and catering to these changes requires embrac- ing all minority groups within the American Rose Society. Rose gardeners now prefer fragrance and color rather than form. Reacting to these changes and extending traditional preferences to other floriferous garden roses become a high priority.







  • ARS Master Rosarian

  • ARS Consulting Rosarian

  • ARS Horticultural Judge

  • American Rose Society Member Since 1990

Service to American Rose Society

  • Convention Chair for 2014 and 2018 San Diego Rose Society National American Rose Society Conventions

  • Co-Chair of the ARS Convention Planning Committee 2015-2018

  • Co-Chair for the 2023 American Rose Society National Convention and Rose Show in Shreveport, Louisiana

Service to Pacific Southwest District

  • Pacific Southwest District Chair of Consulting Rosarians from 2009-2012

Service to Local San Diego Rose Society

  • President of the San Diego Rose Society 2005-2007

  • Awarded ARS Bronze Honor Medal from the San Diego Rose Society in 2008

  • Served as Chair of Annual Fundraising Fertilizer Event Since 2010

Ruth does, in fact, grow more than 800 roses on a small corner lot in east San Diego. She says: “Growing roses in three different gardens over nearly 30 years has taught me, and continues to teach me, of the amaz- ing physical and mental health benefits of this life-sustaining hobby. I want to teach and show people that the beauty, joy, and healing power of roses can be stronger than the pain, anger, and division that exist so fully in our world today.” Details on the garden and her odyssey with roses are set forth in her article in the American Rose Annual 2019.

As District Director of the Pacific Southwest District, I will assist local societies to increase membership and help members in exploring in- novative ways to expand their society’s ability to reach and enthrall local rose growers about the importance of belonging to and participating in a local rose society. I will also encourage and support activities and programs to increase the membership in the American Rose Society in each local so- ciety of the Pacific Southwest District.

I will become a member of as many PSWD rose societies as I can to fully understand how each society operates, learn to know the leaders and

members of each society, and provide topics of interest as a speaker for those societies.

I have attended many ARS board meetings and have a robust understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the ARS. I have good working relationships with our new ARS executive director, Claire Bis- sell and our President Diane Sommers, our Vice President, Craig Dorschel and our current candidate for Pres- ident, Carrie Bergs. These working relationships mean I can assist our local PSWD rose societies to enhance their own relationships with the ARS and staff.

The Pacific Southwest District of the American Rose Society is the largest district of the American Rose Society. We should have the largest number of ARS members in our district, the most consulting rosari- ans in our district and the healthiest local rose societies of any district on the ARS----let’s work together to make this happen.

If you wish to vote for the District Director position, (hopefully for me!) you must be a member of the

ARS. This is a perfect time to join!

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