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Linda Clark
Director,  PSW District

I had hoped that as I wrote for the second message of the year we would be trending in a 

better direction. Alas, always good and bad. Heartbreak and triumph. This life a gift.  It has 

never been so true. Luckily our roses are still here for us.  A microcosm of the world. They 

can show the power and resistance that can overcome. Some will perish, others will thrive. 

Now, more than ever, they represent peace. Enjoy the beauty, the roses. The bronze new 

growth, buds and even early blooms during this crazy weather. So really what is normal
anymore...always something and we just deal with what is presented.

I hope you are as excited as I am for the Spring shows scheduled. Registration time for the 

PSWD convention in Monrovia, hosted by Pacific Rose Society, is still available. There is 

a district meeting and a horticultural judging workshop on Sunday.   Please try to come 
support the district, enjoy the weekend, get your educational update,and make your voices 


The following week you are welcome to join the SDRS and Cal Coastal rose society for a rose show and auction;  It is a two-day event with the show on Saturday and the auction on

Sunday at the Ronald Reagan Center in El Cajon.

I know there are countless other shows and activities planned so please add your events to the district website. Earl is ready and waiting for your additions.

Keep hope and kindness close, 
Linda Clark

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