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Linda Clark
Director,  PSW District

Each rose gardener, depending on geography and personality, approaches their garden with

a unique to do list. At the top of my list now is cleaning the dirty leaves and weeds, while trying to de leaf and prune the many remaining roses. Of course, a close second is straightening the pots and removing some roses that have declined in health for any number of reasons, age, neglect, tree roots or shade, so that I can add some of the new must haves! This time of restoration also brings the hope and excitement of spring bloom,  rose shows and friends gathering in gardens. I am not sure what your next moves are in your rose garden, but we are lucky to be able to immerse ourselves in this crazy rose world.


I hope you will be planning to join us at the PSWD convention that Pacific Rose Society is hosting, April 26-28,2024.  There will be a show featuring two National ARS Rotating trophies and of course all the district classes as well. Do plan to bring your blooms and share a bit of your garden at the show. We will also be having the district meeting and awards, so come cheer on your friends and offer your suggestions as to how to help us better meet the needs of our geographically large member base.


I want to thank two very special ladies for stepping up to volunteer for the PSWD.

Our Web manager, Gerry Mahoney and our Newsletter editor, Elaine Ornelas. Their work is so important to helping us stay connected! I look forward to the information that you can share with them so that we can all get a glimpse of folks around the district. Again, my deepest thanks to both.

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