Linda Clark , Director
ARS Pacific Southwest District

Dear friends, 


The time has come to make sure that safety comes before all previous plans and hard work. 
Thereforeall PSWD events during the month of April should be canceled. Many of us are

already on lockdown.


Undoubtedly, there will be refunds to tend to, possible reschedules, and the rethinking of a 

district meeting and awards presentations. As this unfolds, we hope to be able to get a better

picture of what  might be workable. 

I will update with further information as it comes. 

I ask you to be safe and be kind. We are so very lucky to be able to have gardening as a 
passion. It is with this passion that we will endure. 

With roses, 
Linda Clark

P.S. Check the Calendar page to check the cancelled events.

This rose is one of Linda's favorite
garden roses.  Can you identify this rose?  
What type of rose is it?  What is the R.I.R.?

The chapters and affiliates of the American Rose Society stand ready to help you with your questions about growing roses throughout

the district.  Information on the local rose society nearest you can be found on the Local Societies page on this website.


We are dedicated to help you grow beautiful roses.  Attend a rose society meeting soon and learn more about the joy of growing roses and the camaraderie it brings into your life.