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Gerry Mahoney
 District Chair


The last 3 years have been busy for the Arrangement Judges. There was an Arrangement Judging school - Thank you to everyone who helped with the logistics and making arrangements for the practical part of the exam - and several arrangement workshops held.  All of these were well attended, and we now have 3 new Arrangement Judges to help at the rose shows.

I am asking that you send your 2024 show arrangement schedules to me for review and help you with suggestions. It is important that the schedules reflect the changes in the manual allowing for consistency with judging, and fairness to the exhibitors.

At last count, in the Pacific Southwest District there are now 22 arrangement judges on the books.  This is an increase from my last message by three. A few of our arrangement judges are no longer traveling like they once did, and a couple of them are ready to “retire.”  When planning your rose show, please check the list of arrangement judges for contact information.

 I  have had a wonderful experience serving as the Arrangement Judge Chair.  I thank Linda Clark for giving me the opportunity.  Moving forward, I hope the workshops/updates continue to be sponsored for "hands on " experience for both seasoned and new arrangers - encouraging them to exhibit at the rose shows.  It has always been my feeling that arrangements are the "Wow" factor for the public to see.

If you have any questions, please contact me at  or give me a call at 602-616-3137.







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