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2021 Outstanding Arrangement Judge
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Hal Reynolds
 District Chair of
Rose Arrangement Judges

Not everyone can be a Rose Arrangement Judge, and the requirements are rigorous.  Those who

already a Rose Arrangement Judge will tell you that it is very satisfying to attain the status of a

Rose Arrangement Judge. So, how do you get there?  First, check the requirements (shown below).

You might already be halfway there.




BEST ADVICE: Read the info from the above link, then talk with Hal Reynolds,

the Pacific Southwest District's Chair of Rose Arrangement Judges.


Phone: 760-341-5232  or E-mail


Also, ask for advice from Rose Arrangement Judges in your local rose society; they are

very willing to help you achieve your goal of becoming a Rose Arrangement Judge.

Rose Arrangement Judge Requirements:
Updated 06-15-2019