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According to the 2016 Handbook for Selecting Roses, Page 4, "Currently, 37 classes of roses are recognized by the

American Rose Society."  Obviously, most of the public has no idea what these classes are, and even Consulting

Rosarians, Horticulture Judges, and Arrangement Judges, are not familiar with ALL of them.    The ARS encourages

CR's and Judges to grow as many different classes or types of roses as possible because that helps CR's and Judges

to be better CR's and Judges.


One of the things that anyone interested in growing roses, and different types of roses, can do is to attend a rose show at a local rose society near you.  Why is that important?  First, at a local rose show, a lot of the 37 classes of roses

will be seen at rose shows.  Second, a local rose society is  very familiar with the type and variety of roses that grow

best in their local environment.  Third, members of the local society can guide you in your quest to find out more

about different classes of roses.


In the photos, below, are a great example of some of the most popular types of roses exhibited at a rose show.  These

photos were taken at the ARS Pacific Southwest District's Annual Convention hosted by the Pacific Rose Society

All photos by Earl Kangas
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