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All branches of art are governed by the elements and principles of design and the ideas necessary to 

use them effectively.  The painter works with canvas and paints; the architect works with blueprints and computer plotters; the flower arranger works with plant materials, supporting mechanics and components to create a unified, harmonious and beautiful design.  The elements of are space, line, form, size, texture,

pattern and color.  These seven physical properties are used in expressing the artistic principles.  The six principles of design are balance, contrast, rhythm, proportion and scale.  In flower arranging, both the elements and principles of design are used.




To judge roses, as to judge anything else, you need a frame of reference - a set of standards agreed on by

all judges.  How else can we avoid chaos in judging?  On what other basis can judges communicate with one another and make themselves understood?  And so, ARS has a book that provides a set of guidelines for judging roses.  At times, we will be very specific about a few rules that must be strictly observed.  Mostly, we will be talking guidelines only, which will have a good deal of flexibility, subject to the judge's sense of what is truly beautiful.  For instance, we are going to sound pretty dogmatic about point scoring.  A judge needs this yardstick to help him organize his impressions of a rose.  After he has a little experience, his mind unconsciously considers the point scoring guideposts in arriving at a quick and accurate decision.  Actually, only occasionally when the decision is very close between two roses, or two judges disagree, is the point scoring procedure applied literally.  But, you must know the point score, and its background, to be a

competent judge.  So, have at it!



In recent years, beautiful rose photography displays are seen at all rose shows, and these beautiful displays are judged on their composition, photographic excellence and design and conformance with the rules - the requirements are similar to Horticulture and Arrangement judging at the rose shows.  What is different is:  Anyone can enter their rose photographs at the rose shows, including rookies, and you don't have to have

the most expensive or esoteric camera equipment in order to enter and even win.  To get started, go to the Rose Photography page on this website to learn more about it.  We hope to see your entry at the next rose show. 



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