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In the Pacific Southwest District

For a list of local rose societies near you
There are local rose societies all over the United States and part of Canada.  There are rose societies affiliated with the American Rose Society, and there are rose societies that are Chapters of the American Rose Society.  What is the difference?

In a rose society that is a chapter of the American Rose Society, all members of that society must also be members of the American Rose Society; thus, there is a chapter membership fee and an American Rose Society membership fee.

In an affiliated local rose society, many members are members of the local society and the American Rose Society but this is not
a requirement.  A member of a local society, that is an affiliate of the American Rose Society, is not required to be a member of the American Rose Society.  In an affiliated local rose society, there is no requirement that a member of a local society must be a member of the American Rose Society, but members are encouraged to be a member of the American Rose Society.

Why do so many members of a local society decide to join the American Rose Society?  Because there are benefits in being a member of the American Rose Society, such as free entry at many rose gardens and parks, discounts from many vendors of roses
and rose supplies, a subscription to the American Rose magazine, a free copy of the American Rose Society's Handbook for Selecting Roses, and many District publications are only available to American Rose Society members.  There's even more
benefits and advantages, such as becoming a Consulting Rosarian, Horticulture Judge, schools and seminars, Arrangement
Judges, Photography Judges, exhibiting roses at rose shows, awards and recognition of outstanding achievement and much more.

A local rose society is an excellent place to meet people who love roses, grow roses, teach about roses, and the members will always
help with advice and monthly meetings with very reasonable and nominal local membership costs.  If you want to get acquainted,
attend a few meetings, and enjoy a friendly social atmosphere as well.   Then, if you like it, join us and enjoy growing America's
favorite flowers - the ROSE.

Click the link to find a list of a local rose society near you.

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