WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE - We invite you to browse and learn
by Earl Kangas, Consulting Rosarian

A lot of people like roses; they like the way they look, their sweet aroma, and
the way they are used in landscaping.  Unfortunately, a lot of people stop there
and admire other people's work.  Why does that happen?

Many admirers of roses don't grow roses.  The reasons they express for not
growing roses range from, "They are too fragile";  "they are too hard to grow",

"I don't have a green thumb", "they are too expensive", "I don't like the thorns","They don't last too long", "they are too difficult to take care of"  "I heard they "They don't last too long", "they are too difficult to take care of"  "I heard they get all kinds of diseases and attract bugs", and so on.  The unfortunate thing is, some of this is true if you do not know what you are doing.   The fortunate thing is most of the things said about roses, by those who don't grow them, are not true.  With roses, you gotta grow them to know them.

Members of the American Rose Society, its chapters and affiliates, KNOW about roses because they grow them, and they KNOW what
to do, but just being a member does not teach one how to grow great roses.  At the national and district levels, members have the
opportunity of studying and learning about roses, and they can attend schools and seminars to further their learning and becoming
Consulting Rosarians, Rose Horticultural Judges, Rose Arrangement experts, and even learning about taking better photos of roses.
At the local societies listed on this website, there are monthly
meetings with expert speakers and presentations about roses, and the
opportunity to ask questions of members about roses.  It is live it, and learn it in a very sociable, pleasant atmosphere.  For those
who say roses are too difficult, attending some meetings will change your mind pretty quickly.  For those with a competitive spirit,
you can compete for prizes in national, district, and local rose shows while learning how to exhibit at the same time.

For those of you who have been growing roses for a while, including myself for 45 years, there is always something new to learn; at
the same time, there are always new roses, new techniques, new ideas, and the satisfaction that people can really grow great roses
and enjoy the time spent in the rose garden.   Need any better reason why rosarians have more fun?   This, and more, is WHY ROSES.

The chapters and affiliates of the American Rose Society stand ready to help you with your questions about growing roses throughout

the district.  Information on the local rose society nearest you can be found on the Local Societies page on this website.


We are dedicated to help you grow beautiful roses.  Attend a rose society meeting soon and learn more about the joy of growing roses and the camaraderie it brings into your life.