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In 2021, there will be elections for officers in the Pacific Southwest District of the
American Rose Society.  In addition, there are volunteer positions to be filled if
any appointed positions are vacated.  This is a big opportunity for anyone who
wants to volunteer and help our District continue to thrive. CLICK HERE to go to the Director's page for more details.  None of the elected or appointed positions are that difficult because there is ALWAYS plenty of help from members who have experienced the requirements of almost every position in the District.


One appointed position that will be vacated in 2021 is the webmaster for this website. The current webmaster has been doing this website for seven years and is retiring from the position in 2021. If you have experience doing websites, here is your opportunity to be creative, have fun working with people in the District, and keep this website going.  The requirements are pretty basic:

1. Experience doing websites with formats from website providers.
2. Very little, or no html required.
3. Ability to make the website simple to navigate and easy to read.
4. Ability to read, interpret, edit, and present information from numerous sources onto the website.
5. Ability to work with, and follow directives from officers and appointees
6. Experience with Excel, Word, or compatibles, and PDF

7. Ability to set up files and directories on your own computer

For more information, go to the
Officers Page for contact info for Linda Clark, our District Director, or Earl Kangas, our current webmaster. 


The chapters and affiliates of the American Rose Society stand ready to help you with your questions about growing roses throughout

the district.  Information on the local rose society nearest you can be found on the Local Societies page on this website.


We are dedicated to help you grow beautiful roses.  Attend a rose society meeting soon and learn more about the joy of growing roses and the camaraderie it brings into your life.