By Kathy Monge, PSWD Roses in Review Coordinator


For those of you who are new to the American Rose Society, it is an annual evaluation by rose enthusiasts to give feedback on the newest rose introductions in the last 2-3 years.  This is done, from early July through September 26th, each year. Roses are rated for vigor, disease resistance, winter hardiness, fragrance, good qualities in the garden, and good qualities for exhibition at rose shows and rose exhibits.  The overall ratings are then published annually by the American Rose Society in the Handbook for Selecting Roses, and sent to members of the American Rose Society.  The numerical rating, in the Handbook, will give a consumer
a better idea of which roses they will have a better success of growing.


One of the biggest issues for us is about "Winter Hardiness".  "Don't Know" should be your answer unless you
get snow or freezing temperatures. Rosarians in New Mexico would likely have the ability to judge that.
be the the judge of that question.

What can we do, as a District, to increase participation of all our members?  Albuquerque RS has designated

and RIR contact for me.  Why don't we expand and have an RIR contact for each of our societies?  This could
facilitate fanning out of reminders during the evaluation period.  We need this because many of our local societies do not meet during the summer, and that leaves us at a terrible disadvantage for communicating with
members about the survey.  The second reason is the American Rose Society is running almost two months
behind, putting the July issue in our mailboxes at the end of August.  With the deadline for submitting your RIR
on September 26th, it leaves less than a month to go online or complete the paper form, mail it to me, and for
me to enter the data.  Webmasters for local societies should put a blurb on the first page reminding everyone
to get the surveys done, enter them on the ARS website, or get them mailed to me.


Just a gentle prodding to all Consulting Rosarians:  You need to do this survey whether you have any roses,
listed in the survey, or not.  Just mark "I do not grow any of the listed roses"  Tom Cooney is keeping track of

Mark your calendars as a reminder that July 1st is the date to check out for the front page link
to the RIR survey or the E-mail from the ARS telling you the link is ready and active.  You do not have to be a
an ARS member to participate in the survey, and you don't even have to be a member of a local rose society.
If you grow roses, look for the survey on the ARS website, or under Rose Info on this website.