Recovering our ARS Rose Camaraderie

Spring has arrived, and many of you have been anticipating a glorious first bloom cycle not to mention reconnecting with fellow rose 

lovers,  friends and family at various rose shows. The pandemic situation has robbed us of those pleasures. What we all miss the lost is 

the contact to contact interaction that depends so much on improving needed camaraderie, especially during these days.


How to gain some positive comfort from our current situation is up to all of us. Various social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, 

Instagram, etc. can provide needed contact from our isolation perspective. Yet they all lack the real personal contact for typing on a 

keyboard just does not provide real satisfaction. What can we all do? Well the telephone is the obvious solution. It allows voice 

interchange and dialog on an interactive level. And if you want to go the extra mile, there is Skype for video linkage.

You might wonder why addressing this subject is important. Many of our fellow members are in the senior category and desperately want someone to reach out and share prevailing situations particularly those happening in the rose garden. Those conversations would be a 

most welcome act of friendship and embraced by all. After all, we are all staying home with time on our hands so to speak.


I appeal to everyone to reach out and call members turning liability into assets. Please consider calling your rose friends and spend sometime indulging in rose talk and even gossip if you are inclined. 


Stay healthy and wise.


Dr. Tommy Cairns

Regional Director 9


IF YOU ARE MOVING:  If you are a Horticulture Judge, Photo Judge, Consulting Rosarian, or Arrangement Judge. and
you are moving to a new address, PLEASE (pretty please even) go the Officers Page on this website, and find the person
who heads the particular group to which you belong, then notify the chairman of your new address, phone numbr,
and/or E-mail.


The chapters and affiliates of the American Rose Society stand ready to help you with your questions about growing roses throughout

the district.  Information on the local rose society nearest you can be found on the Local Societies page on this website.


We are dedicated to help you grow beautiful roses.  Attend a rose society meeting soon and learn more about the joy of growing roses and the camaraderie it brings into your life.