2021 Election & Bylaws Amendments
A special Election Section in the May/June 2021 issue of American Rose. CHECK YOUR EMAIL for the ballot from Intelliscan.


Voting will begin on June 30The Triennial Election will take place in July 2021. This election determines the leaders for our organization for the upcoming three years and your participation is important. The May/June 2021 American Rose will contain Q&As on the vice presidential candidates as well as information regarding candidates for Regional and District Director positions. Descriptions of proposed Bylaw Amendments, approved by the Board of Directors, will also be available. The Bylaw changes, if approved, become effective when the new Board of Directors is installed in September 2021.

The American Rose Society has engaged a third party, Intelliscan, Inc. to facilitate the Triennial Election. Electronic ballots will be emailed to all current paid memberships by Intelliscan beginning at noon on June 30, 2021. YOU MUST HAVE A PAID ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP WITH ARS. Corporate, Complimentary, Libraries, E-members, Trial members and Youth members are not eligible to vote.  


You must have a unique email address on file with ARS no later than June 15, 2021, as the file to Intelliscan will be generated on June 16. Associate members must have a separate, unique email address on file with ARS. 

To ensure that all members have the opportunity to vote, the ARS has sent a postcard to all members that do not have an email on file.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your email address is current in the ARS database prior to the June 15th cutoff. 


Ballot materials will be distributed electronically via secure website and a sample ballot will appear in , 2021 at noon CDT and ends at noon, CDT on July 30, 2021. You will receive an email from Intelliscan, Inc. with a personalized link to vote. You will receive a confirmation that your vote has been received. You will also receive two reminder emails if you have not voted.  


Ballot results are only seen by our election service provider, Intelliscan, Inc. Their computer generates a summary report, and the final results are presented to the ARS Tally Committee and others authorized by the ARS Board of Directors. No individual ballot information

is shared.


Please be sure that your membership dues have been paid in order to be eligible to vote in the Triennial Election. If you have any questions regarding the voting process, contact Lucy Medvec (


IF YOU ARE MOVING:  If you are a Horticulture Judge, Photo Judge, Consulting Rosarian, or Arrangement Judge. and
you are moving to a new address, PLEASE (pretty please even) go the Officers Page on this website, and find the person
who heads the particular group to which you belong, then notify the chairman of your new address, phone number,
and/or E-mail.  The chair will then report the changes to the webmaster for inclusion on this website.